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What Makes Only Roofers, The Only Podcast You Should Play

The Only Roofers Podcast nails every episode with some of the most engaging roofing talk around. You’ll hear conversations that are usually saved for behind closed doors. This is a place where contractors have a seat at the table built by roofers for roofers. Each Only Roofers episode will have new guests with fresh perspectives and stories – an opportunity to dive into their highs and lows. Our charming hosts Vince & Liz, are industry vets who are excited to discuss its challenges, successes and everything in-between

There’s a variety of topics in the show every week. This is THE premier roofing podcast you want to listen to. Only Roofers is for you whether you’re just starting in the industry or have been around since when people listened to morning radio talk shows. You can expect hard-hitting questions like:

  • What are some of the toughest challenges you have faced in this industry?
  • What are some of the toughest challenges you have faced in this industry?
  • What is the secret to your business's success?
  • What got you started in this industry?
  • What's your secret to staying motivated and getting up every morning to push through your challenges?

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About Our Hosts

Learn more about the hosts of the best roofing podcast around There are a couple of essential things needed to make a killer podcast.

Having electricity to record, using great microphones that don’t sound like the audio is coming from a Dixie cup, etc. But, one of the biggest aspects is having great hosts and they don’t come any better than the ones on Only Roofers.

Meet Vince!

Co-founders   |   Your Virtual Adjuster Powered By Bulldog Adjusters

Vince is the co-founder of the leading nationwide public adjusting firm Bulldog Adjusters!

Throughout his 12 plus year journey to success, Vince has helped roofers throughout the nation drastically grow their businesses by showing them how to play offense over defense against the insurance companies.

Meet Liz!

Founder    |    Business 411

Elizabeth Calzadilla has worked with thousands of roofing companies, guiding them to becoming their best versions.

As the founder of Business 411, Liz works closely with roofing companies of all sizes studying their target market, improving their team’s workflow and overall revenue. She also regularly attends roofing shows, speaking on stage and hosting breakouts at conventions to help further the industry. There are very few that can match her roofing expertise.

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    Listeners of the Only Roofers Podcast freely receive what countless contractors pay big money to attend expos for. Luckily, you can play these shows at any time plus anywhere for FREE. So, what will roofers like you get from being added as a guest on the show? Check it out:

    • A powerful voice that’ll reach thousands of listeners across the country.
    • The opportunity to voice your unique experiences
    • The chance to give your company a voice it’s never had before.
    • The ability to freely promote your business!
    • You and your company becoming nationally and locally known.